Sunday, February 16, 2020

Relaxation Time

Relaxing at the Maderas Beach

Not far out of town, to the north of San Juan Del Sur, are a series of  easily accessible beaches.  Maderas Beach is one of our favorites.  You can rent a beach chair and umbrella very reasonably.  Jack likes to sit and read at the beach.   Sometimes his eyes close and he just sits back and relaxes.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nicaraguan Money—Cordobas

The legal tender in Nicaragua is the Córdoba.  It is named after Francisco Fernandez de Córdoba, a Spanish Conquistador, who is credited as being the founder of Nicaragua.  He explored the coast of Central America for Spain, leading various expeditions, as Spain was asserting its power in the region.  He founded two of Nicaragua’s most famous cities, Granada and Leon.  (The current capital of Managua came later)

There are coins in denominations of 10, 25, and 50  cents.  Then there is a one cordoba coin and a 5 cordoba coin.  The cordoba currently trades at between 32 and 33 cordobas per dollar.

There are bills in denominations up to 1000 cordobas.  I never had one and understand they are hard to cash if you do have one.  The 500 is the largest bill I ever used.  With so many cordobas to the dollar your dinner bill can run 500 to 600 cordobas or higher.  When one sees a bill of, say 1,100 cordobas, it gives one pause, to say the least!
The bills are a plastic material and are all a slightly different size.  Some have see-through panels and all have an anti forging thread running through.  They are different colors which makes it easy to find specific denominations in your wallet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fishing Boats

On one of the beaches local fishermen were launching their boat.  Six men were pushing the boat down to the sea.  They had two rollers that one fellow kept moving which helped roll the boat through the sand. 
Once at the water’s edge the men pushed the boat out into the water and waited for a wave to float the boat further out from shore

As soon as the boat was floating the head fisherman could lower the outboard, get it running and proceed to power through the surf to open ocean. 

Beaches Around San Juan del Sur

The beaches along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua are spectacular.  The waves roll into the crescent shaped playas framed on each side by large volcanic outcropping, creating the perfect surfing conditions.  This draws surfers from all over the world to these beaches. 

Little beach bar/restaurants dot the beaches and offer refreshment for the weary.  This place is especially rustic, but produces great food.  The sugar sand beach begs to be walked.
These beaches are often described in the guide books as either sugar sand beaches or brown sugar beaches
The ocean bottom shallows up gradually creating the perfect break (surfer talk) for any type of surfing—body surfing, boogie boarding, even paddle boarding.  The shuttles from town all have roof top carriers for the boards, and many beaches have surfboard rentals.

Beaches are perfect places to relax with a good book and listen to the surf break.

One of the
many beach bar/restaurants found along the way with surprisingly good food and great prices.  
This little place called Juanita’s Kitchen is nothing more
 than a concrete room about 8X10, with a little bar area

The volcanic outcropping create breaks between the beaches.  Some are easily traversed but others are headlands that may be miles long.  Many beaches have no roads down to them and can only be accessed by boat or a strenuous hike.  Some beaches are on private land.  Those beaches charge an entrance fee.  Other beaches are part of a national park and turtle reserve which also charges an access fee

This little thatched hut provides respite from the sun.

One of the many little tide pools created in the volcanic outcropping.

Thursday, February 7, 2019


The flowers in the tropics, especially here in Nicaragua, are some of the prettiest and most colorful I have seen.  Some I know the names of; some I don’t.  Here are just a few.

I don’t know the name of this one.  If you do message me with the name.

 This is a bougainvillea.  They come in this color as well as white and I have also seen yellow.

 I do not know this one either, but I liked the delicate looking petals that came out.
 This is a hibiscus.  It also comes in various colors.
 White Hybiscus

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Streets and Roads in San Juan

All the streets in and around town are paved with these cobblestone type paving stones.  

It is painstaking work to resurface the streets, as you can see.  There are several layers of sand and gravel needed to prepare the roadbed for the pavers.  Then the artisan carefully fits the paving stone together.  

Colorful Homes

I love walking around the town of San Juan Del Sur.  You see so much more.  Like all these colorful homes.  Rarely do you see a plain white house.  Most are painted up in wonderfully bright tropical colors, like these row houses in a new development.

 Or this bright yellow house along the street.

 This turquoise house caught my eye.  
 So did this chartreuse green house.  I love the freedom the Nica people have painting their houses with such colors.